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It's time to raise your tufting skills to the highest level

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Learn from the best

KRAMIS is a professional rug manufacture based in Switzerland that creates sustainable luxury rugs for highest standards.

The company has over 40 years of experience in hand tufting which was developed further to a level no one has ever seen before.


They produced rugs for big brands like Rolex, Balenciaga, Adidas, Cartier and more.

Since Covid-19 the craftsmanship hand tufting has gained a worldwide reputation. This is why a lot of people recognised KRAMIS on Social Media like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Now KRAMIS finally decided to reveal their valuable know-how of hand tufting.

You can either learn from the beginning or improve your current skill level massively.

more informations about KRAMIS

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Tufting Tutorials

Materials & Tools

Out now

Rug Making Tutorial
Out now

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What to expect

Recommended Materials & Tools

KRAMIS is going to list you the best materials and tools for tufting and will also reveal their suppliers. On the list you will find important links, tips, technical advises and more. Sometimes, there will be a premium and affordable alternative of the tufting materials and tools.

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Thank you for your interest. We keep you informed.

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